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Iberdrola is a provider of Business Electricity Compare which is supported by a sustainable growth strategy and with a single aim of providing more environmentally friendly energy sources. Below you can find the Iberdrola electricity rates and compare with other electricity providers to choose which best fits what you need.

For example, in the case of the consumer type designated above (5.5 kW of power and 5000 kWh of electricity consumption), the savings is currently €198 per year in comparison with the regulated rate TUR, €349 if compared with the offer more expensive in market.

Offerings in the market for such consumer, the difference between the more expensive offer and the regulated tariff TUR is €25, but the difference between the offer more expensive and cheaper is €177.

Many marketers already allow the hiring of supply by phone online from their website, whose address will appear on the tab of the offer, which allows the consumer hire availability instantly and without leaving your home.

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